Tuesday, May 5, 2015

FUNERARY: "Starless Aeon" - Colossal Debut by Arizona Funeral Doom Crushers Coming on July 17th - Full Stream on CVLT Nation.

We're extremely honored and excited to announce the proper release digitally and as a tape re-release of the debut album by Arizona funeral doom misery machine Funerary -  not a band, but a monolith of dreadful dismay, a pit of depressive sonic horror that Roadburn itself has defined as "the perfect soundtrack to those bad days where everything goes wrong and you become hopeless; those days when you find yourself swimming in the ocean of sadness and sinking into an abyss of despair; the days where you struggle to cope with life."

This rising force in the US doom metal scene will soon see their debut album - the inhumanly heavy and dismal Starless Aeon - released on tape and digital by Sentient Ruin, and on 12" LP by Germany's Vendetta Records on July 17 2015. A pre-order has been set up for both a digital version and the extremely limited edition cassette tape over at our Bandcamp page.

Starless Aeon

01. Coerced Creation (05:17)
02. Atonement (03:48)
03. Beneath The Black Veil (11:29)
04. Starless Aeon (03:11)
05. Depressor (10:18)

CVLT Nation has already covered this release extensivelystating that "If you are a fan of extreme music you should definitely check them out, simply because there is some fucking cosmic shit happening" and that "even though the band comes from a really hot place, their music is as cold as ice. In 'Starless Aeon', the group unleashes all its malice and melancholy, through the torturing soundscapes of their five songs, without showing any mercy for the listener."

Starless Aeon is monster album and one of the finest hours in current US extreme doom metal. The album is the culmination and then collapse of a vision of reality that is so bleak and hopeless that the album literally feels like a slimy void that seems impossible to crawl out of and that to the opposite breathes and ripples in a daunting sonic collapse, sucking you in even deeper into its bleeding and moribund sonic hell. Erected by the sheer force of an unimaginable pain, this album is an absolute must listen and possession for any fans of bands like Corrupted, Mournful Congregation, Evoken, Pallbearer, Yob, Sunn O))), Thorr's Hammer, Grief, Moss, Bell Witch, Unearthly Trance, Esoteric and other such pioneering and revolutionary extreme doom bands, and a work which is encased in a colossal cocoon of unchallenged destruction, immeasurable heaviness, unparalleled vision and fathomless imagination...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

ABATON & VISCERA///: "Diade(ms)" - Crushing Collaborative 7" Out on June 23 2015 - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

We're extremely excited and honored to announce the release of the collaborative work of two of Italy's finest, most forward-thinking and heaviest sludge/doom/post-metal bands around these days, ABATON from Forli', north-cental Italy, and VISCERA/// from Cremona, northern Italy. This 7" vinyl EP is the culmination of a long lasting friendship and of a shared vision that had been nurtured and obsessed upon by the bands in the last couple of years. Titled Diade(ms), this collaborative EP is the manifestation of the wills of both bands to materialize a synergistic, interwoven, and multi-layered work, in which the two bands become fused together into one multi-headed hideous sonic monstrosity, to materialize and represent their own vision of complete aural annihilation.

CVLT Nation is now streaming Special Needs, the opening track from Diade(ms):


Side A: Special Needs (05:31)
Side B: Pandemic (06:21)

(Total Running Time: 12 minutes) 

Produced by Abaton and Viscera/// together, and recorded in February 2014 by Maicol Caggiano at Soundscape Studio in Forli', Italy, and Mastered by Alexander Lizzori at Elfo Studio, in Piacenza, Italy, and bearing artwork by Davide Lega and a graphic layout by Marco Burbassi, Diade(ms) will be a co-release between us, Hypershape Records (IT), Insomnia Isterica (CH), Bare Teeth Records (ITA), Drown Within Records (ITA), Unquiet Records (PL) and Dio Drone (ITA), to be released on June 23 2015 as digital format and as a limited edition 7" vinyl EP.

A pre-order for the Diade(ms) 7" has been set up over at our Bandcamp.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

MACERIE: Debut Offering by Italian Blackened Sludge Miscreants To See Release in April - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

Florence, Italy, is not your typical location for heart-splitting, skin-peeling, soul-crushing grimness. The legendary Italian city, shrouded in it's timeless artistic beauty, gorgeous skyline and breath-taking  tuscan setting is far from what you would perceive as a place where death and destruction reign unchallenged. But that is only true until you run into the music of Macerie (the name in Italian translates to "ruins"), a newly formed band from Florence that has made a statement of immeasurable sonic hostility with the birth of their debut offering, a work that will strangle the listener in an absolute ordeal of crushing heaviness and harrowing aggression.

CVLT Nation is now exclusively streaming the EP's harrowing opening track Agonia:

Coming virtually out of nowhere, Macerie have set on a mission to hollow your soul out with their life-draining music. The first offering of theirs comes in the form of a sixteen-minute bestial EP containing four savage tracks of crust and death metal-infested blackened sludge that bring to mind the likes of Entombed, Amebix, Burzum, and His Hero Is Gone, all fused together into one hideous sonic monstrosity. Showcasing similarities to blackened, epic crushers like Altar of Plagues, Planks, Celeste, Hexis, Acephalix, Coffinworm and Downfall of Gaia, Macerie are purveyors of a view of the world so grim, suffocating and wretched that as you sit down and listen to their music you will literally feel the light being sucked away from your surroundings and your world turning into a grim and shadowy twilight, as a cold and inescapable downfall of bestial and absolutely crushing riffs annihilate everything.

Macerie EP

01. Agonia
02. Vermi
03. Macerie
04. La luce del buio

Total running time: 00:16:33

Sentient Ruin is proud and honored to announce the April 7th 2015 release the self-titled Macerie EP as a digital release, and as a limited edition cassette tape co-relased with the UK's infamous bearers of all things wretched and grim, the notorious cassette tape slime-mongers Yamabushi Recordings. A pre-order is now live HERE.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

AUGURS & DEATHGRAVE: Cataclysmic Split 7" by the Two Oakland Devastators to Be Released March 17th - Full Stream Available at VICE.

Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you a double whammy of pure concentrated violence, in the form of the split 7" from Oakland's Augurs and Deathgrave, two bands that have made of grindcore and downtuned sonic aggression a way of life, and of total auditive devastation an absolute dogma.

To be released on March 17th 2015 as digital product through Sentient Ruin and as 500 vinyl 7"'s as a co-release between Sentient Ruin, Trill Kommand (US), Shove Records (IT/EU) and The Path Less Traveled Records (US), a pre-order of the digital format and of the 7" can be found on our Bandcamp page.

VICE, who has labeled the Split as "wrecking" and as "one of 2015's best underground gems", is now exclusively streaming the release in its entirety (also below).

1. AUGURS - From Maggots To Fly

2. DEATHGRAVE - Brutal
3. DEATHGRAVE - Hugged in Half    
4. DEATHGRAVE - Inquisitive Apathy 

Total running time: 9 minutes

Augurs hail from Oakland and play some of the most grimy, vile and heavy blackened grindcore/sludge you will ever hear. Aided by a humongous and crushing guitar tone, pulverizing d-beat drumming, bulldozer-like bass lines and and absolutely gut-twisting vocals, Augurs are nothing short of a musical cataclysm. One of those bands that are so full of hateful rage that they will just lay to waste anything daring to stand in their path of destruction. Standing somewhere between Corrupted, Coffinworm, Nasum, His Hero is Gone and Discharge, Augurs can simply not be fucked with. Fuck with them and you will be fucked with. Fuck with them, and you will be destroyed...