Saturday, February 28, 2015

AUGURS & DEATHGRAVE: Cataclysmic Split 7" by the Two Oakland Devastators to Be Released March 17th.

Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you a double whammy of pure concentrated violence, in the form of the split 7" from Oakland's Augurs and Deathgrave, two bands that have made of grindcore and downtuned sonic aggression a way of life, and of total auditive devastation an absolute dogma.

To be released on March 17th 2015 as digital product through Sentient Ruin and as 500 vinyl 7"'s as a co-release between Sentient Ruin, Trill Kommand (US), Shove Records (IT/EU) and The Path Less Traveled Records (US), a pre-order of the digital format and of the 7" can be found on our Bandcamp page.

Augurs hail from Oakland and play some of the most grimy, vile and heavy blackened grindcore/sludge you will ever hear. Aided by a humongous and crushing guitar tone, pulverizing d-beat drumming, bulldozer-like bass lines and and absolutely gut-twisting vocals, Augurs are nothing short of a musical cataclysm. One of those bands that are so full of hateful rage that they will just lay to waste anything daring to stand in their path of destruction. Standing somewhere between Corrupted, Coffinworm, Nasum, His Hero is Gone and Discharge, Augurs can simply not be fucked with. Fuck with them and you will be fucked with. Fuck with them, and you will be destroyed...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

LEUCROTA: Wretched and Vile Debut Demo To Be Released End of February

We're honored and proud to announce our partnership with Santa Cruz, CA- based hardcore punk monstrosity Leucrota, a band who is only a few months old, as they just started playing their first shows only in the fall of 2014, but that have already caused unrepeatable damage in the Bay Area's punk underground and wrecked complete havoc up and down the West Coast with their pillaging and barbaric live shows. In the wake of this ongoing and completely damaged and wretched spawning of cacophony, the band has also recorded their debut demo, which - recorded in the dungeons of Oakland and boasting the sound of a hellish swarm - will now be released on a limited run of cassette tapes and as a digital product by Sentient Ruin. The five raw, lo-fi, disembodied and totally wretched blasts of pillaging aggression contained on this release will resound in the ears of the listener like a frightening wake up call, like an alarm going off in their heads to be reminded of how disgusting, repulsive and totally fucked the world of humans is.

CVLT Nation is exclusively streaming the track Swell below, labeling the demo as "angular and sick in the head punk".


01. Never Again 
02. Concealed from the Sun
03. Swell
04. Systematic Violence
05. Rotten Tongue

(Total running time: 20 minutes)

With a release date set for February 28th 2015, pre-orders for the tape and digital version are live and can be found here.

Friday, November 28, 2014

ABSTRACTER: Second Towering Full-length "Wound Empire" Out in February.

We're extremely proud and honored to announce the release of Abstracter's brand new second full-length album, in collaboration with An Out Recordings from Portland, Oregon. The album will be also available on 12" Vinyl LP through our amazing friends over at Fragile Branch Recordings (US), Vendetta Records (EU/DE), 7Degrees Records (EU/DE) and Shove Records (EU/IT), and through COF Records (Church Ov Fuck) (UK) as a limited edition hand-assembled CD.

A pre-order of the release will be live soon at the band's Bandcamp.
Stream the first track - Lightless - below, courtesy of CVLT Nation.

Crafted in near-seclusion over the past two years, Wound Empire is a forty-five minute hallucinating voyage into a frightening wasteland of complete darkness-ridden heaviness. Spread across four, ten minute-long, massive slabs of obliterating crusted blackened doom, this new album by the Oakland band showcases a massive expansion upon their previous sound as seen on their critically praised debut album, Tomb of Feathers (which was released on CD in 2012 on The Path Less traveled Records and on tape by us), and presents us with a greatly evolved and enhanced vision of Abstracter’s abyssal and crushing sound and of their grimness-injected sonic aesthetic.


01. Lightless (10:56)
02. Open Veins (09:45)
03. Cruciform (10:21)
04. Glowing Wounds (11:10)

(Total running time: 42 minutes)

Centered once again around the construction of lengthy, winding and abyssal build up and collapse progressions, Wound Empire this time also brings entirely new elements to the sonic palette of the band and of their staple massive and enveloping riffing, appearing to be driven by an almost insatiable darkness and by a sinister and primordial hunger for complete sonic annihilation....

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

AMERICAN: Coping With Loss.

Get ready to be tortured. american (spelled all lowercase) have finished recording their debut album, it will be called Coping With Loss, and will be released on August 19th 2014 on digital + limited edition cassette tape. You can already pre-order the release here.

Coping With Loss is a scary album to say the least. It's extremely ruinous and death-ridden sonic and conceptual aesthetic is something that you will rarely see around these days, and it's pulverizing and annihilating splicing of black metal, noise, industrial, hardcore and grind is so sadistic and vile that it will leave a path of complete and total savagery and cruelty in it's wake. Gracing the release will be beautiful artwork crafted for the band by Kevin Gan Yuen of Viraloptic and Sutekh Hexen fame. Track listing and artwork for the digital release are as follows:

Coping With Loss


01. Ritual Suicide (04:13)
02. Decedents (03:23)
03. Retinere (02:32)
04. Lamb to Slaughter (04:24)
05. Pulse Beating Slowly (03:28)
06. Solace in the Silence (04:23)
07. Coping With Loss and the Insurmountable Guilt of Existing (17:54)

Total running time: 00:40:17

american are an enigma of sorts. Two obscure and reclusive individuals from Virgina living quite some hours drive apart who get together when they can to bust out the meanest, filthiest, evil, most vile and corrosive blackened hardcore you can think of. The band has thus far relied solely on their own means and efforts to record and release their music, and are an extremely evasive and shy entity that has completely shied away from live activity or any other kind of spotlight,  and that is why we're absolutely flattered and fucking stoked that they have opened up to us and that they are down to work with us...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SUTEKH HEXEN: "Become" Cassette Tape Dropping in May.

We are extremely proud and humbled to work with Bay Area blackened noise cult, Sutekh Hexen to release one of their finest and most devastating works: Become EP, consisting of two towering tracks, a half hour of relentless, vile, and smoldering blackened bath of frequency worship.

Become showcases Sutekh Hexen doing what they do best: practicing their blackened craft of weaving rich sonic tapestries with electric guitar, field-recordings, vintage analog synthesis, unorthodox percussion and disembodied incantations.

Already available on vinyl LP via KOTM and the expanded CD edition will be coming out soon on Cold Spring, and now we present the final installment as a limited c30 via Sentient Ruin on May 20th 2014.


01. Five Faces of Decay (15:00)
02. The Voice : The Void (14:48)

Become was recorded in 2012 by the band it self here in Oakland, and is yet another incredible and otherworldly composition of blood-soaked madness that enhances further the bands frightening discography, which has now reached well over ten releases in less than five years.